Decpac Ramps

A simple concertina folding action enables the DECPAC to be developed in seconds. Light and simple in operation the personal model can be used single handed and can be carried on the back of a wheel chair and fits easily in to the boot of a car for complete mobility.
The personal is a light weight ramp. It allows easy access in domestic situations, climbing kerbs, as well as coping with similar obstacles in the workplace.

Width 740mm
Length 700mm (2’3”)
Weight 4kg (8.8lb)

The personal and multipurpose has an optional carry bag available
The multipurpose is a longer, wider, variant of the Personal that offers a wider scope of use in domestic, commercial and travel environments.



Width 830mm
Length 870mm (2’10”)
Weight 6kg (13.25lb)
Max height 220mm/8.25”

The senior range offers you a flexible variety of ranges to cope with obstacles from 225mm to 100mm in height. As with the Personal and Multipurpose models each is remarkably lightweight and strong in use


Edge Barrier Limiter (EBL)

The E.B.L (edge barrier limiter) has the added security of edge barriers, Available in different lengths to provide solutions to obstacles from 225mm/9”10 to 1000mm/39.25” in height. Particularly suited to providing instant access to buses, trains and buildings where a permanent ramp is impractical.

All ramps have a safe working load of 300kgs

Other Wheelchair ramps

Care-quip roll up ramp
The lightweight aluminum wheelchair ramp provides greater accessibility with easy storage and transportation. Clip-on side rails secure the ramp firmly when in use.
Length 930mm. Width 775mm. Weight 7.7kg
Shown dismantled in inset photo.

Telescopic ramp
These durable aluminium telescopic wheelchair ramps retract for storage ( as shown in inset photo) and will carry up to 200kg. Features non-slip tread which gives excellent adhesion. Provided as a pair. Width of ramp 240mmModels available:
3902 TELESCOPIC RAMP 1.2-2.0 7kg each
3903 TELESCOPIC RAMP 1.9-3.0 13kg each

Bi-fold ramp
Similar to the Telescopic Ramps, but bi-folding in the centre for storage. Width 660mm
Models available:
3916 BIFOLD RAMP 1.6m 11kg
3917 BIFOLD RAMP 2.0m 15kg

EZ-Access Tri-Fold Ramp